Frequently asked questions about REALM


What is REALM?

REALM is a communication tool and app.  It is accessible through any browser on a PC, laptop or mobile device that use iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.  For an invitation to create a REALM account, email


Is REALM secure?

Yes.  The confidentiality of your data is our main priority.  REALM is a secure site that is supported by ACS Technologies. They are the largest developer of church management software in the industry.  To ensure your data is 100% secure and protected, they utilize the most up-to-date security technology available.


Who can see my contact information on REALM?

You can choose by editing your own privacy settings!  Only Church @ the Rock users have access to the non-private contact information via their own account.  REALM administrators (select Church @ the Rock staff members) can see all information.  No one else on the internet can see your information.


What if I forget my password? 

On the log in screen, you can click “forgot my password” and be sent a time-sensitive email invitation to reset. You’ll have 24 hours to act. Need further assistance?  Email to request a password change.  Administrators cannot see user passwords because they are private; they can only reset passwords.  Once a password is reset, your new password will be emailed to you.  When you log back into your Rockny account, you will be prompted to change your password and your new password will take effect immediately.


Can I change my password? 

Yes.  You will need to know your current password to do this.  Log into REALM and click the drop-down next to your name.  Select “Manage Account” and follow the instructions.  Your new password will take effect immediately.


Who will have access to my giving records? 

You and authorized Church @ the Rock office staff will be the only people that have access to information about your giving record.  Neither church officers nor the pastoral staff have access to this information.


What do I do if my giving record appears to be incorrect? 

Keep in mind that giving records can lag behind a week.  Please allow at least two weeks for your record to be updated from any given date.  If there is still concern that an item is not showing on your record after this two week period, please contact Gloria Bryan at (718) 241-0222 x 101 or


Why am I having trouble logging in? 

It may be your browser. You may need to switch to another one or update your current one.


For best results, keep your browser updated to the latest version. We recommend using the latest version of any of the following internet browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

REALM no longer supports IE (Internet Explorer).



Some of Realm’s larger features require the workspace of a full monitor and will not work on a mobile device.  Others are well-suited to smaller devices.  But, to get the best experience, you need the latest version of your mobile browser.  Older devices, whose operating systems can’t support it, might not work. iOS 9.3.5 and earlier, for instance, are too outdated to work reliably with Realm.

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