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What is Worship?

When we hear of the word "Worship," we immediately think of music or the songs
that we sing at church. Yes, that is worship, but it is just a small part of what
worship really is. Someone once said "Worship is, He is God and we are not."
Therefore, we give worth to God in every aspect of our lives. Whatever we do,
waking up in the morning, going to work, responding to others in our lives, and
even eating, we give glory and honor to Him and Him alone.  All of this is to obey
Him, and His Word in our lives ... that is true worship.

Discover how you can use your God given gifts through our Worship Team.

There are opportunities to serve on all of our teams (see below for a complete list).  If you would like to start using your talents at the Rock, please continue reading.
Band: Instrumentalists (drummers, pianists, guitar, bass, violin,  and sax players, etc), who give their time and skills to make beautiful melodies to God during our Sunday Service Worship time.
Production Team: Those who are responsible for Media and Technical Production.  This team is made up of camera operators, editors, sound, lighting, and video engineers.  All levels of experience and expertise are welcome.
Vocal Team: Those who have a heart to honor God with their voice and help lead the congregation in singing with energy and enthusiasm.
For more information, or to set up an audition, please contact the Church Office at 718-241-0222.


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