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Kids @ the Rock
Your kids are going to love Kids @ the Rock!
Kids @ the Rock is run simultaneously during both Worship Services
by our dedicated team of Nursery workers and Sunday School teachers.
Your little ones can be signed into their age appropriate classes, Infants, Toddlers,
Pre-k, or Kindergarten, in the Lower Level of the Sanctuary.  
Toddler up through Kindergarten Classes enjoy a variety of activities including a short
segment of interactive Bible Stories and Songs.
We also have a Nursing Mother's Room in the Lower Level of the Sanctuary where a mother
can care for her young infant while viewing the service if she prefers to.
First through Sixth Graders have their classes in the Youth Building,
which is located next to the Hospitality Center.  
Your young men and ladies will enjoy a time of different activities that
teach the truth's of God's Word as well as a Worship Service where all the grades come
together and learn the timeless truth's of God's Word through songs and age appropriate lessons.

Weather permitting, the young men sign in at the Basket-Ball Court, which is adjacent to the
Parking Lane and directly behind the Hospitality Center.
Young Ladies sign in inside the Youth Building.   
Please Note:
Your First through Sixth Graders are more than welcome to join you in the Sanctuary for the
Adult Service if you prefer to have them with you.  
However, we ask out of deference for everyone attending the Adult Service, that you bring your
little ones to our Nursery. We know the value and joy of small children but we also know the
distractions they can cause in an Adult Service and welcome you to visit our Nurseries which
are fully equipped and staffed to care for your little ones while you attend service. 
Below is a detailed description of the age range in each classroom.
Nursery A
Newborn - 11 months old              
Nursery B
12 - 23 months old
Nursery C
24 - 47 months old
Pre-K & Kindergarten
4 & 5 year-olds             
Grades 1 - 6
Boys ages 6-12

Girls ages 6-12




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