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Ronald George Assistant Pastor

Ronald George

After migrating from the Caribbean Island of Dominica to the Canarsie community, my parents began attending what is now Church @ the Rock before I was born.  They prayed and worked very hard to lead my siblings and me to serve the Lord.

Though I grew up in the church, I was very a rebellious youth.  My sin of dishonoring my parents, lying to teachers and siblings, using filthy language, immorality, and murdering others with anger and hatred controlled me for many years.

As a young teen, my thought was that I could live the way I wanted, and then repent when I wanted and still end up with God in heaven.  His Word (Hebrew 9:27 and James 4:14 in particular) and our church leaders revealed truth to my foolish and ignorant heart.   I began attending our church youth program where the harsh reality of sin, death and eternity was also very clear.   Faced with this growing concern, I knew I was not ready to meet my Creator and was never certain that I would go to heaven when I died.

In July of 2001 I attended a seminar at our church addressing biblical principles and practical Christian living.  More open to hearing the truth of God’s Word at that point, I sat through this seminar listening intently as different sins were explained and clarified, and the guilt of my lust and putting friends before God weighed heavy on my heart.   At the end of the week I prayed for cleansing and forgiveness from sin and for God’s gift of salvation.  For the first time in my life, I had a desperate desire to be cleansed and was set free from sin!  I couldn’t believe it.  Sinful habits that I struggled to break free from for years were broken. 

My circle of friends shifted due to new desires.  On my college campus, God was gracious in allowing me to meet strong Christian brothers and we challenged and strengthened one through those tempting years of college campus life.   

I thank God for His goodness in sparing my life, giving me a chance to repent of wickedness, and paying my unimaginable debt of sin that I could never pay.   The Lord has added to my eternal blessing an incredible wife, Melanie, and together we have four children.   I thank Him for the opportunity to minister here at Church @ the Rock.


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