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K. W. Griepp Senior Pastor

K. W. Griepp
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But for the grace of God, I would be a lying, thieving, angry drunk . . .
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Ward and Lois Griepp, in many ways my family was a caricature of the ideal American family with my parents, my older sister and me.  My father had returned from the battlefields in World War II to marry my mother and some years after my sister and I were born, our family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 
Several months later, the apparent “picture-perfect” existence of our family was shattered as we were driving home one evening.  Upon rounding a bend, my dad smashed into the side of a truck that had been parked by its drunken owner in the middle of the road, instantly killing him.  While my mother, sister and I escaped relatively unharmed, my father’s death ushered in one of the darkest periods of our lives.
My mother became actively involved in helping a ministry at a native American reservation near Tucson, Arizona, serving the Lord with genuine joy in spite of her grief.  I have many warm memories of my mother hauling cinderblocks in her ’57 Oldsmobile, and playing the piano for countless church services. 
Most importantly, I vividly recall hearing the gospel preached, repenting of my hatred for others, and turning my life over to Christ.  A genuine love for other people began to develop in my heart.
This love was severely tested when my mother remarried a native American pastor, and I was challenged by cultural differences, the pattern of moral compromise I observed in his life and his hurtful behavior toward my mother and sister.  I fiercely battled anger and bitterness toward him. As I grew older God gave me the grace to reject the anger and hatred, and instead I forgave him and learned to love him.  We developed a strong relationship as we worked long hours together on our farm and tree business.   God so changed my heart toward my stepdad that he was the best man at my wedding. Some years later I was at his bedside as he passed into eternity.
Even before I was born, my mother prayed that I would be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I attended Northeast Bible Institute (now Valley Forge University) and upon graduating, went on to Villanova University to obtain a M.A. in Counseling.   
I had met the love of my life in college, and we married while still there.  After graduating from Villanova we spent the ensuing years ministering in our New York City area.
God had long before given me a burden for Brooklyn, so in 1985 Lois and I moved with our three young daughters to downtown Brooklyn where I attempted to start a church.  While I was working on starting a church, God was working on me.  The next three years proved to be a period of intense character building and, though we did not know it at the time, a necessary preparation for what lay ahead.  Though I did not see the dream of planting a church come to fruition, God used that time to pave the way for something else.
In March 1989, I was invited to come on staff at what was then Grace Protestant Church of Brooklyn, in Canarsie.  Since then, we have seen God’s Word affect many lives and families for His Kingdom.
Lois and I have six children, five of whom are married and have given us many beautiful grandchildren.  
Our desire continues to be for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction upon the hearts of those who are lost so that they can repent and experience true life in Jesus Christ.
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